New album NUBLA






«Nubla» is a conceptual album focused on body and movement. Eight new tracks in which Voltereta explores the internal impulses of the body, proposing an intimate look in a social context of overstimulation.

It is an overflowed work of opposites, in which the search for certainties comes face to face with contradiction, where borders are not clear and boundaries are blurred, presenting a hazy horizon in appearance, but rich in details and inevitably cyclic.

We find here tracks of fluid sonority, almost liquid, persevering music that oscillates between different densities and intensities: from melody to noise, from brute force to lightness, from the transcendent to the daily.

    1. faro fulgor
    2. ímpetu
    3. hechizo baile
    4. cese
    5. avance victoria
    6. captura
    7. fuerte bengala
    8. árbol





With more than a decade of musical works backing him up, Voltereta continues developing, mutating and growing. Being a lover of thorough production, Feli Navarro brings the potency of melodic techno together with the depth of ambient and sound art, crafting a fluid and eclectic style of dense atmospheres that invite dancing and introspection.

After «Castigo Al Mar» (Traum Schallplatten, 2015) and his EP «Cabezas Bien Altas» (Sr. Nadie Subcultura Recordings, 2016) he focused on creating visuals, collaborations with other artists and, step by step, recording his new album «Nubla» (Làdeli Editions, 2020).

This new album reflects his last period living in Barcelona, the conflict and constant struggle with the city, the impulse that arises from the need for change and how the body lives and feels all these stimuli. The movement manifests itself here as an engine of inspiration to find new paths in a seemingly hazy landscape.